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Ergotec GL937Y1 Gaming Chair

Original price IDR 4.725.000 - Original price IDR 4.725.000
Original price
IDR 4.725.000
IDR 4.725.000 - IDR 4.725.000
Current price IDR 4.725.000

Ergotec GL 937 Y1 Office Chair is a high-performance office chair, made from durable mesh material for the best air circulation. The ergonomically designed, height-adjustable seat supports optimal posture for long-term comfort and productivity. The unique design of this office chair makes it a reliable yet stylish addition to any workspace.

Product advantages:

  •  Comfy & ergonomically designed
  • Comfortable when used
  • There is a footrest 
  • There is a Lumbar Support
  • Headrest
  • Material: Mesh cloth & cloth on the stand 
  • 2 Year Guarantee (Mechanical)
  • Product size:
  • Hydraulic
  • PU Armrest and adjustable in height up and down as well as left and right settings
  • Syncro HDT Functions as a chair back tilt adjustment which can be tilted up to 45 degrees and can be locked at the level of backrest tilt that we want. ( OPTIONAL ) For user weight up to 150 KG
  • Caster Leg Frame with Aluminum material
  • On the back there is a coat hanger 
  • Ideal for interior decoration of your space
  • Example Color-Scan QR ↓ | The color of the seat and back may be different



    • The color in the image may be slightly different from the actual color of the product due to lighting during the photoshoot process
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    CS04 - Custom 4 Sandaran Black Dudukan YELLOW
    CS05 - Custom 5 Sandaran Black Dudukan GREEN
    CS06 - Custom 6 Sandaran Black Dudukan BROWN
    CS08 - Custom 8 Sandaran RED Dudukan Black
    CS09 - Custom 9 Sandaran ORANGE Dudukan BLACK
    CS10 - Custom 10 Sandaran BLUE Dudukan BLACK
    CS11 - Custom 11 Sandaran GREEN Dudukan BLACK
    CS12 - Custom 12 Sandaran YELLOW Dudukan BLACK

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