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Ergotec GL853X Office Chair

Original price IDR 3.391.500 - Original price IDR 3.391.500
Original price
IDR 3.391.500
IDR 3.391.500 - IDR 3.391.500
Current price IDR 3.391.500

The Ergotec chair is an important office chair and is needed to accompany your days when working in the office. The material for this chair has several different components. Like the material, it is made from Fabric, Oscar (imitation leather), and Leather (genuine leather). Each material also has its own advantages, and has a very wide variety of colors so that it can match the design of your work space.

This chair is equipped with features:

  • Hydraulic for up and down
  • Mechanical chair to swing for a relaxed sitting position
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • The backrest uses mesh fabric so that your back remains comfortable and cool even if you sit for a long time.
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Special Orders

Custom Order means an order for Products that are commissioned, modified, personalized, customized or manufactured, according to your specific requirements.

At Oscar Living you can place special orders and make various adjustments that you need according to your wishes. either in the form of:

  • Change the color of the office chair according to your room needs 
  • Special size spring bed 
  • Change the color of the sofa according to your needs 
  • Make size modifications to the product, whether adding material or reducing material. 
  • Modifying the shape of the product, whether adding material or subtracting material. 
  • Make material modifications to the product, either by adding material or subtracting material. 

Consult your needs with us

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