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FAQ B2B ( Frequently Asked Question )

Frequently asked questions

1. Can Oscar Living issue a Tax Invoice??
Oscar Living is a public company and PKP, so it can certainly issue Tax Invoices.

2. Where is Oscar Living's delivery range?
Oscar Living delivery covers all of Indonesia.

3. Do the products purchased at Oscar Living have a guarantee?
Oscar Living only sells original products, therefore Oscar Living products have an official guarantee and after sales service.

4. What is the time period required to fulfill the order?
The time required to fulfill B2B orders depends on the variety of products ordered and is also influenced by the number of orders and delivery area.

5. Payment method ?
The payment method used in B2b transactions is via Bank Transfer, QRIS. However, Oscar Living is willing to communicate other payment methods with applicable terms and conditions.

6. ADoes Oscar Living provide Free Shipping services?
For B2B transactions, Oscar Living provides free delivery services for the Jabodetabek area.

7. What products can Oscar Living stock?
Oscar Living provides various furniture needs ranging from work chairs, work desks, workstations, filing cabinets, safes, safes, whiteboards, mattresses, bunk beds for employee or Islamic boarding school mess needs, trash cans, etc.

8. How much price discount can Oscar Living provide?
Oscar Living always provides the best prices, Quantiti determines the additional discounts we can provide.


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