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Vendor Code of Ethics


1. Vendors must support fair trade and ethical procurement practices relevant to the commodity or service

2. Vendors must ensure that the source of Products/Services supplied to Oscarliving does not violate any relevant regulations or laws

3. Vendors must respect human rights and the communities in which they operate and should do so to improve the lives of the people and communities in which they operate

4. Vendors may not be involved in or support human trafficking or employ children under the legal age in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia 

5. Vendors must provide evidence that they have implemented due diligence procedures to manage ethical issues in their supply chains, including all employment-related processes to ensure they comply with slavery and human trafficking laws.

6. Oscar Living will not enter into or will terminate any business relationship with Suppliers or their sub-contractors suspected and/or accused of trading smuggled, counterfeit and/or smuggled products or violating the laws of the Republic of Indonesia

7. Vendors are required to explain the supply chain for vendor products, the origin of the product starting from raw materials to the processes carried out in production. 

8. Oscar Living requires all products from both the Company and MSMEs to have registered trademarks with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights.

9. Vendors are required to show patent certification for each product offered at Oscar Living. Vendors who do not have design patent certification for their products are required to sign a form of full legal responsibility for the product.


10 . Vendors are only permitted to process orders with the official PO of PT Oscar Mitra Sukses Sejahtera Tbk which is equipped with a barcode and sent from the company's official email. 



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