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Furniture Waste Management


Many of us still don't care about managing slarge pot. Large-sized waste is waste which, due to its large size and/or volume, requires special management and cannot be included in the household waste collection system and waste similar to household waste, including beds, bookshelves, cabinets, trolleys or carts, chairs, sofas, mattresses, dining tables, cupboards, bicycles, sewing machines, benches, vehicle wreckage, etc

Sometimes we often find large furniture waste such as Springbeds (Spring Mattresses) just thrown away in streams or rivers. This is of course very irresponsible and bad for the environment. Apart from polluting the environment, this can also cause flooding in the environment around us. 

Therefore, furniture waste like this needs to be handled specifically and responsibly. 

Large furniture waste must be decomposed and reduced so that it can be decomposed in a landfill (final disposal site). 

As a Public Company, Oscar Living also takes part in various sustainable activities. Oscar Living participates in helping to decompose and dispose of large-sized waste in the most responsible way. Contact us to manage this waste and become an environmentally responsible citizen. This is in line with the company's sustainability program in making the Net Zero Carbon 2060 program a success launched by the Indonesian Government.


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