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Field Work Practice (PKL) | Internship

Field Work Practice (PKL) | Internship 


As a Public Company, Oscar Living has an obligation to take part in various environmental life and community activities. This is in line with the Company's commitment to implementing sustainable economic practices as regulated inPOJK NUMBER 51 /POJK.03/2017. In the field of educational development, Oscar Living organizes a program for all the nation's younger brothers and sisters throughout the country, to be able to carry out field work practices within the company which aims to provide work experience, competence, broadening of horizons, and most importantly real experience to vocational school students/equivalents. and college students. 
1. Real work experience involved in daily business / operational activities 
2. Direct interaction with the world of work and business actors.
3. Adapting to the Business World as a mature preparation for students after campus
4. Increase Competence
5.  PKL certificate at PT Oscar Mitra Sukses Sejahtera Tbk.


REGULAR PKL: Minimum 3 months (90 days)
CERTIFIED PKL: Runs for 6 months (and according to the Company's needs)


  1. Indonesian citizens (WNI);
  2. Still has the status of a Vocational School Student / Active Student
  3. Average report card / last semester score of at least 7 / GPA 3.3
  4. Photocopy of KTP
  5. Application Letter for Prakerin from School/College
  6. Photocopy of Report Card/Recap of Grades up to last semester / Transcript of latest Grades
  7. Photocopy of BPJS Health Card
  8. Statement Letter accompanied by stamped signature
  9. Especially for students, they are required to write an essay (150 words) with the theme " Generation of winners"
  10. Resume or previous PKL certificate (if any) 
  11. For Design, you must attach your own work to your resume.

Send it via email to: 

Email :

Subject: PKL Application & Resume

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