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Kasur Airland 888 Orthopedic Latex
  • Kasur Airland 888 Orthopedic Latex

Kasur Airland 888 Orthopedic Latex

Code : AIR2081000701

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Rp. 5.694.300 Rp. 9.990.000
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Airland 888 Menggunakan Lateks Natural yang memberi dukungan untuk tulang punggung anda, bahu dan leher untuk memberi tidur yang sangat nyenyak. Lateks yang digunakan untuk membuat kasur ini sangat ramah lingkungan dan memiliki bahan anti bakteri untuk mengurangi alergi

**Untuk harga dan kuantitas proyek, silahkan hubungi sales manager kami. 

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90 x 200
Rp. 5.090.100
Rp. 8.930.000
100 x 200
Rp. 5.694.300
Rp. 9.990.000
120 x 200
Rp. 6.669.000
Rp. 11.700.000
140 x 200
Rp. 7.444.200
Rp. 13.060.000
160 x 200
Rp. 8.669.700
Rp. 15.210.000
Rp. 1.214.100
Rp. 2.130.000
Rp. 2.359.800
Rp. 4.140.000
Price Full Set
Rp. 12.243.600
Rp. 21.480.000
180 x 200
Rp. 9.912.300
Rp. 17.390.000
Rp. 1.299.600
Rp. 2.280.000
Rp. 2.616.300
Rp. 4.590.000
Price Full Set
Rp. 13.828.200
Rp. 24.260.000
200 x 200
Rp. 10.590.600
Rp. 18.580.000
Rp. 1.402.200
Rp. 2.460.000
Rp. 2.867.100
Rp. 5.030.000
Price Full Set
Rp. 14.859.900
Rp. 26.070.000
Mattresses 35 kg
Design Luxury
Mattress Height 35 Cm
Comfort Index Firm
Coil Type NON
Number of Coil NON
Latex YES
Memory Foam NON
Plush Top NON
Foam YES
Rebonded Foam YES
Non Flip YES
Warranty 5 Tahun
Fabrics Knitting
Zone System 3 Zone
Feature 1 Natural Latex
Feature 2 Zipper System
Feature 3 Organic Anti Dust Mites
Packaging Type Plastic
Product Weight ( Mattress ) 147 kg
Foundation 50 kg
Foundation Thickness 30 Cm
Footbase Height 12 Cm
Footbase Material Plastic
Foundation Fabrics Synthetic Leather
Wood Material / Type Meranti
Color Black
Feature 1 NON
Feature 2 NON
Packaging Type Plastic
Product Weight ( Foundation ) 138 kg
Headboard 10 Cm
Headboard Material Synthetic Leather
Headboard Color White
Headboard Weight 15 kg
Packaging Type Plastic
Product Weight ( Headboard ) 640 kg

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