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Make your Office stand out from the rest by renting quality works of art, be it paintings or photography. Quality artwork will enhance the overall atmosphere and experience of potential Consumers with discerning tastes, and will differentiate you from your competitors.

Rent Sofas & Sofabeds

Rent Sofas & Sofabeds

Furniture with the ability to change shape from seating to
bed, Sofa Bed is a smart choice for apartments with
limited room.

Give Us Support in Making Indonesia Zero Carbon 2060

With our Sustainable Business Model

Partner with us and make your business sustainable and profitable.

Partner with us and make your business sustainable and profitable.

Our partnerships help you take steps towards your sustainability goals in a variety of ways. Currently the world is facing problems related to sustainable ecosystems, it is our collective responsibility to apply a sustainable pattern to every decision that will be taken by both ourselves and the company and this must be started immediately. Sustainable environmental management currently still focuses on emissions, carbon and single-use plastics. However, apart from that, there are still many things we can do to collectively take responsibility for managing this sustainable ecosystem. One way is to extend the life of the product or the use of the product for many people. Renting furniture also extends the life of each piece, keeping furniture out of landfills and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced. You have the option to purchase the furniture at any time, or at the end of the rental period, have it delivered to OLIV Furniture Outlet to be sold to your forever home. This is a business model that can make the world more environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Don't wait to be a Hero

Together we can save our environment

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